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MRAU Newsletter

March 2015

Developmental Center :
The update of the steam line, which was built in 1933, is moving right along and coming to the end of phase II.  When completed, we will have a reliable system, with the ability to cut off steam at different locations.  In the past, whenever there was a problem, the whole system would need to be shut down, causing great inconvenience to all.

The Pine building is up and running as of November 2014.  With currently only one resident, but ready to accommodate up to eight,  they are expecting more residents in the near future.  The children will be ages 6 - 12.

The safe building ASH (Admission and Safe House) will break ground in the spring.  The ASH building will accommodate 36 residents, with one female wing and two male wings.

In 2014, the legislature officially approved the General Property Plan (property north of the Center).  This property will be mostly commercial with some residential buildings.  A new company is being hired to design the plan.  The land and buildings will generate future income for the disabled.

Respite services (approved in 2012) continues to be a success in the Sunset building.

We have a small group of seamstresses that volunteer their time every Thursday to repair clothing for the residents.  They also make customized clothing requests and quilts.

Community Services:
Senator Margaret Dayton asked the legislature for $300,000 for the Featherstone Ridge Dental Clinic.  These funds will be used to provide dental services for individuals in community facilities and those living at home.  Many of these individuals have not had adequate dental care and have developed serious medical problems.  The clinic will be under the direction of the Developmental Center and will allow the disabled in the community important medical support and care that has not been available to them in the past.  Dr. Dean Robinson has been actively involved in leading this effort for many years in conjunction with MRAU of Utah and continues to do so.  

Bonnie Meyer, chairman of the fund-raising committee, met with the publicity committee and is busy developing ideas to raise funds. These funds help support various programs for the disabled  throughout the State   Anyone with ideas that would help us in this fund raising process, please contact Sandra at the office:  801-763-4008.

This is the first edition of our new monthly or bi-monthly Newsletter. Any information for the membership needs to be submitted by the last week of each month.  

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