Executive Board

  • Executive Board
  • Belinda Van Fleet - President 
  • Kim Bellomy - Secretary
  • Dennis Larson - Treasurer
  • McKay Johnson - Attorney:  (advisory capacity only)

Office Secretary

                            Sandra Cooke                                   scooke@utah.gov

Our Mission

​To advocate for the dignity and self-actualization of individuals with intellectual disabilities in the State of Utah.

801-763-4008, mrau@utah.org

895 North 900 East, American Fork, UT 84003

If you would like to get in touch

with a specific member

of the board, please contact Sandra at the main office.


Board of Directors

  • ​Kim Bellomy
  • ​Denee Jex
  • Dennis Larson
  • Julie Merrell
  • Bonnie Meyer
  • Belinda Van Fleet
  • Ted Dunaski
  • ​Lori Dunaski


​​​Utah's Volunteer Advocates

for Those With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  


To be an advocate for keeping the USDC open.

  • To honor our contract with the USDC for volunteer services and give our full support to the program. 
  • To work diligently to improve the salaries, benefits and working conditions for all employees serving the residents who reside at USDC.
  • To work with and support the USDC Family Council in their efforts to improve the quality of life for all individuals residing at USDC.

To support the Featherstone Ridge Dental Clinic.

  • To continue to support the Clinic with at least one full time dentist and the necessary staff, to provide quality dental care for between 400 to 600 individuals with profound  I/DD's living in the community, who cannot access the services they need anywhere else.
  • To support the use of the Clinic as a training facility for dentists, hygiene students, dental students, dental staff etc., as it will help these individuals become familiarized and comfortable with working with individuals who have profound  I/DD's.

To advocate for the expansion of the services at the USDC (medical, dental, respite etc.) that are currently available for residents exclusively, to include those individuals living in community placements who are not able to receive the services necessary to meet and maintain their health needs.  The program at the developmental center in Louisville Kentucky is to be used as a template for this expansion.   

  • To explore the possibility of expanding the volunteer program as it exists at USDC to the ICF's, group homes etc. throughout the state of Utah. 
  • To work diligently to improve the salaries, benefits and working conditions for all employees serving individuals with I/DD's in community placements. 

To become a legitimate and reliable source of information with regards to the resources available within the state to those seeking help for a family member with I/DD's.

  • Continue to use the brochure we have recently designed as the basic information  tool to introduce MRAU to parents, families, friends, schools etc. 
  • Make the MRAU webpage an effective tool to communicate our message to all those seeking reliable information about individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This includes available services in the state of Utah and what is happening in other states and on the national scene in Washington D.C.
  • Expand the next generation program in order to get younger family members interested in and involved with individuals with I/DD's.  The next generation will be the lifeblood of MRAU and the preservation  of USDC.

To have representation at relevant state legislative committees and monitor policy makers regarding any proposed bills with respect to:

  • Ensuring continued funding and support of the USDC and its programs
  • Any future development proposals for the property North of the USDC up to  Lone Peak High school.